The Richard Jacob Rudy Memorial Fund - A non-profit organization dedicated to assisting local families
We've met Wonderful people along the way....
Here are some we've helped recently:

  • Girl from NJ with HLH, an immune system disorder
  • Boy from Gardnerville with Leukemia
  • Girl from Chester with a brain tumor
  • Girl from Goshen with a brain tumor
  • Boy from New Windsor with a brain tumor
  • Boy from Greenwood Lake with a blood disorder in need of a bone marrow transplant
  • Young man from Goshen with Autism
  • Young woman from Warwick with lymphoma
  • Little girl from Westchester with chronic immunodeficiency 
  • Boy from Sparrow Bush with degenerative condition
  • Boy from Harriman with severe chronic medical  conditions
  • Family from Monticello whom lost their home to fire
  • Teenage boy from Warwick with cancer
  • Boy from Sparrow Bush with ALD (progressive degenerative condition)
  • Woman from Warwick with lung cancer
  • Family of 5 children from Vernon, NJ
  • Man from Westchester with lung cancer
  • Girl from Branchville, NJ with seizures
  • Girl from Wallkill with Leukemia (x2 families)
  • Woman from NYC with Lymphoma
  • Boy from Westchester with Leukemia
  • Boy from Sparta, NJ with a traumatic brain injury
  • Family with 8 children in Walden
  • Boy from Chester with an orthopedic condition (x2 donations)
  •  Boy from Warwick with seizure disorder
  • Families from Warwick whom lost their home to fire
  • Boy from Middletown with a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Boy from Middletown with a brain tumor
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